What is a Life Group?

  Simply defined, a life group is a group of 4-12 people who meet weekly to encourage and care for one another.

Why join a Life Group?

  As we look at our culture today, we see greater activity but less productivity, fuller schedules but emptier people, closer houses but more distant neighbors, an increasing population but fewer friendships, more laws and regulations but increasing chaos. As followers of Christ we know that the only solution to these contradictions is to impact the world we inhabit with the light of the gospel and the truth of the Scriptures.

  Realizing that it is more effective to stand together than to stand alone, participation in a Life Group is more important now than ever before. The purpose of Life Groups is to promote relationships within our church family that will nurture spiritual growth in individuals, corporate prayer for one another, sharing of one another’s  burdens,and cooperation in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

What should I expect when I visit a Life Group?

  You can expect to meet a hospitable group of people who will welcome you into times of fun, conversation, Bible study and prayer.

Which Life Group is right for me?

  It is true that every group will gladly welcome you but there are typically three factors that will help you identify which one is best for you. The first factor, we encourage you to consider location, second, time of day and finally consider joining a group that has people with whom you’ve already begun forming a relationship. 

Will my Life Group ever change?

Yes, every group changes as it grows. When a group grows to a certain size it will multiply into two groups.


If you are interested in attending a life group, please feel free to contact Pastor Ken for more information by phone at 215-295-5672 or email him at PastorKen@FBCMorrisville.org

MONDAY 7:00 PM: Meets in Morrisville, PA

TUESDAY 7:00 PM: “What’s Next” for ages 18 (Out of HS) to 25

TUESDAY 7 PM: “Living in the Light” Addiction Recovery Group. Hal Wilcox (215-526-8197)

WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM: LADIES: meets at the church

THURSDAY 6PM: “GRIEF SHARE” meets in Room 107 at the church Hal Wilcox (215-526-8197)

THURSDAY 7:00 PM: meets in Fairless Hills, PA

THURSDAY 7:30 PM: meets in Morrisville, PA

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Pastor Ken by phone 215-295-5672 or email him PastorKen@FBCMorrisville.org